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What Merlin Vet can do for you



The UK is known to be a leader in premium veterinary pharmaceuticals: our licensing process is rigorous and product efficacy must always be proven. That's why our overseas clients trust Merlin Vet to supply them with quality licensed products, straight to their door. We provide our customers with the leading brands, packed with care and attention to detail which means your orders arrive in perfect condition, every time.


We aim to increase the clinical treatment options available to vets in the UK by sourcing and importing a wide variety of niche products. These products cover a whole spectrum of species and conditions, ranging from farm animal vaccines to alternative strengths and presentations of drugs that are not always readily available in the UK. We are also able to assist in the procurement of alternative and unlicensed products in the event of market shortages or goods becoming unavailable.


With suppliers in the United States, Australia and throughout Europe, we are a truly global company, searching the most far flung places for the most innovative and exciting products. Whether you're looking for the latest in suturing technology, groundbreaking US fertility testing equipment or X-Ray Systems with the sharpest images, Merlin Vet is the place to come.